Artisan Vegan Pizza

£165.00 £135.00 6 hours

  • Location: New Forest Cookery School

A masterclass in pizza creation. Students will explore the history of pizza and the concepts of dough hydration, time and temperature, machine vs. hand mixing, fermentation and resting times.

At the end of this course students will be competent making vegan pizzas to a professional level.



This vegan pizza course has been developed to take you from zero to vegan pizza hero in half a day. It is an ideal platform for anyone looking to launch a vegan pizza business, festival stall or simply to create professional pizza and cheese at home.

We will walk you through the origins of pizza, the different styles and introduce you to the concept of dough hydration, the importance of time and temperature, measuring by weight not volume and making fine adjustments to perfect your dough.

After learning how to make Neapolitan dough you will be learning how to make a rich tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a selection of exquisite toppings. To finish off you will be cooking your vegan pizza in one of our stone bake ovens!

Typical skills you will learn are:

  • Fermented dough recipe for Neapolitan pizza.
  • Mixing, adjusting recipes and balling dough.
  • Stretching dough balls, topping, transferring to peel and cooking in a stone oven.
  • Rich tomato pizza sauce.
  • Melting mozzarella cheese (Vegan and nut free).
  • New York style cheese.
  • Vegan Pepperoni.

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Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Skill Level

Intermediate: Competent home cook, able to follow cookery book recipes.


OFFBEET New Forest, Jacobs Gutter Lane, Southampton, SO40 9FX

Students per course