Plant based cuisine with a difference

Our menu is entirely plant based. Our vision? To explore the boundaries of plant based cuisine and create healthy, indulgent and inspiration food for all.
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There was talk of a small cafe that could if not convert non-believers then at least show them that veganism did not have to equal lettuce and dairy-free cardboard.
The Portsmouth News

My burger was actually a burger-shaped, but otherwise entirely un-burger-like, arrangement of beetroot, seeds, herbs, pickles, cashew cheddar and much more!
The Sunday Telegragh


To be OFFBEET, is to challenge the conventional, we encourage change, we love innovation.

What can you expect from our menu? You will experience some familiar dishes but with the OFFBEET twist, we love to manipulate textures and flavours to pleasantly surprise you. We offer a lunch menu from 11:30, raw and baked cakes throughout the day and we are fanatical about artisan tea and coffee.

You won’t find perfectly steamed organic soya lattes or homemade almond milk cappuccinos anywhere like ours.

Be sure to book a table and not miss out on the OFFBEET dining experience.