There has never been a better time to join OFFBEET, with new restaurants opening and exciting developments in our Cookery School, Deli and Head Office. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our team of star performers.

OFFBEET star performers share our ideology and culture. Through this culture we learn, support and inspire each other daily and at all times put the future of OFFBEET first and foremost.

The OFFBEET culture is what defines us. It’s what will ensure our success and growth well into the future.


Our Values

We love people with skills, but we love people with passion more. Passion is more than just saying you really fancy a crack at it! OFFBEET are searching for individuals who have researched our values and are able to talk to us about how they have synergy with the OFFBEET culture. Some of the key values we are drawn to are:


You inspire others around you through your drive for excellence.

You have the utmost belief in the success of OFFBEET.


You question any action or behaviour that is not inline with our core values.

You voice your ideas and opinions, even if they challenge traditions.


You are quick to admit mistakes, no matter how big or small. We treat mistakes as a learning opportunity to learn and improve.


You are a good listener. You understand first, then react. You never talk to staff in a manner you would not appreciate yourself.  You communicate to everyone the same regardless of their position or status.

You remain calm and mindlful in stressful situations.

Your Interview

Stage 1

Successful applicants will be invited to a short informal interview. This is your chance to tell us all about you! We would love to understand why you have applied and how you are the perfect person for the job. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about OFFBEET and ask questions.

Stage 2

Applicants shortlisted from the first interview will be invited back to meet some of the team you will be working with. You will also be asked to complete a short practical test relating to your job role area. Our practical tests are really looking for how you deal with being put under a little pressure, how you can think on your feet and be inventive. Don’t worry though we try to make them as fun as possible!