PET Friendly

At OFFBEET, we pride ourselves on being dog-friendly, welcoming our four legged friends with open arms and special treats.

At OFFBEET Café, we are exceptionally dog-friendly, making every visit a delight for both our human and canine guests.

We believe that your furry friends deserve the same warm hospitality, so we provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for dogs of all sizes. Our outdoor seating area is perfect for pet owners, and we offer complimentary water bowls and special dog treats to ensure your pets feel as pampered as you do. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick coffee or a leisurely meal, you can relax knowing your four-legged companions are always welcome at OFFBEET Café.

“At OFFBEET, we extend our commitment to plant-based nutrition to our beloved canine companions with a specially curated plant-based whole food dog menu. Understanding the importance of health and wellness for dogs, we’ve crafted a selection of nutritious and delicious meals that align with our ethos of wholesome, sustainable eating. Our dog menu features a variety of options made from fresh, organic ingredients, ensuring your pets enjoy the same quality and care that we provide to our human guests. From sweet potato hash to tasty pup cakes, our plant-based dog menu is designed to nourish and delight, making OFFBEET a favourite destination for both you and your furry friends.”

Vicky Allen

Head of Pampering Pooches